Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tango Extravaganza, 33PP, Negracha, Conway

Everyone who lands on my blog by searching for tango at 33 Portland Place, at Negracha, at Conway Hall or the Welsh Centre, please be aware that this weekend 13th - 15th June they are all closed in favour of the "Tango Extravaganza" festival, which is held at Corrientes (Chalk Farm) and 4 Wild Court (where Negracha usually is). I'm not sure about the Adelaide - check Tango-UK before setting out, and for everyone's announcements.

I think other things are closed as well, including something by tangology, but DanceTango will definitely be at the Crypt on Saturday as normal.

The festival website is at

[Update: and apparently it is not too late to book workshops. Given the design of the website, I can't say I'm surprised. If you want to see what the workshops actually are, click Bookings, twice. Now scroll down in the letterbox in the middle. Decode the illogically colour-coded and inadequately described 'levels', and learn them by heart. Scroll some more, and learn by heart the abbreviations for the teachers, except for the one that's wrong and is abandoned further down. Scroll some more, and scroll up and down for a while to puzzle out the relationship between times, locations, and descriptions, peeping through a letterbox. Now make careful manual notes, not of the times or descriptions themselves, but of the teeny tiny code numbers beside them. Then scroll further and make notes of the prices. Finally, scroll right to the bottom and apply your noted code numbers to the otherwise cryptic booking form. Somewhere between the prices and the form are some confused details about how to pay, with at least two bank accounts, and a reference that may or may not be someone's telephone number and may or may not have a slash in it. It seems that if you pay by cheque, you will be sent a ticket, but if you pay by bank transfer you will not, and it's not apparent what reference you use or how you get in.

I'd suggest printing the whole thing out if you want to try this, but none of the workshop descriptions sounds interesting enough to bother, so I'm certainly not going to try it myself.]

[Second update: The map links on the website are made useless by the enormously long pin stuck in Google Maps. The postcode for Corrientes on the website is not even correct - put it into streetmap and you'll see. The correct postcode, which takes one minute to look up from the address on the post office website, is NW3 2BQ and the resulting, much more useful map is here. It is actually the school building opposite Chalk Farm tube, but they don't bother to tell you that. Maybe it doesn't sound glamorous enough. There are a couple of rather desperate emails on Tango-UK today saying you can still book workshops, and even pay on the door for the "limited places" they've been going on about; but please to turn up 20 minutes early.

Can you tell incompetence irritates me? I must remember this is not my usual world.]


Anonymous said...

The is still open this Friday 13th.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh!!!! That sounds like a Monty Python routine!