Wednesday 30 August 2017

In Praise of My Friend's Legs

These few seconds of video show the stupendous legs that belong to my friend and colleague Monique, who has just moved away.

On the London scene right now, there's a lot of extreme, wriggling, windmilling, anxious, theatrical, babyish exaggeration in the followers. This is not that.

This is a sincerely musical tanguera with a beautiful embrace, solid technique, and amazing legs. They are a joy to watch: composed, sensual, expressive. The extraordinary grace of Monique's movement is the first thing I remember noticing about her, long before we were colleagues. Her legs are not yelling "look at me!", nor are they waving a flag - but if you, yourself, have the mind to look, you will be well rewarded. She is one of the first people I visualise if I feel I am a bit out of myself and not dancing well. Bonus clip that should work (sorry about the cut-off at the end):

I'll miss Mon, and I'll also miss seeing her legs dance past me, looking like a good coffee in a street of Starbucks.

Anyway, if you're around Edinburgh, she does yoga, Franklin Method and body-awareness classes, and also PRINCE2 project management. If you either wanted to move better, or you were a small to medium company in the region taking on a bigger project than usual and you could use some help setting it up properly and keeping it under control, you could find her at

Well, that's annoying

The movie people asked me to take down the review and repost it on another date, because they have an "embargo" they forgot to tell me about. I have no idea why anyone would want to do that; however, I don't want to cause them a load of trouble for the mistake. I'll put it on a timer so if you are still interested you can come back and read it in about ten days.