Sunday, 29 June 2008

Fernando and Nayla

It was announced on Tango-UK that Fernando Sanchez and Nayla Vacca will be teaching a class at the Dome on 9th July "teaching in London for the first time".

Actually they taught a class at the Crypt (it was Paul and Michiko's night) when they first came to England about this time last year. But it was only one class, so the mistake is quite trivial. I missed the class that evening, but came in before its end. Fernando was teaching in a pair of frayed jeans much too long for him, and I remember thinking "child, your Mum needs to accept that you're not going to grow into those, and get you a pair of shorter trousers". They both seemed very sweet and they danced beautifully, but they looked about sixteen.

Then they changed into beautiful black dress and suit for the performance. He looked like a toddler dressed up for a wedding, especially in the milonga.

Anyway, I wanted an excuse to post this video. The dancing is nice, but isn't this a beautiful room? It looks like the kind of conservatory-extension that sometimes gets built on to the standard English semi-detached house (I think Americans call it a duplex). But a large one, perhaps replacing the garage; and some hand of genius has installed a pure white dance floor, and mirrors along the inside wall. It looks out onto a typical garden, full of that lush, deep, various green, so much greener than it is down here. The day is overcast, and the light is pure silver. This light, this room, and this garden could very well be in Leeds, where Fernando and Nayla have been in the meantime, but I don't know for sure.

I see Fernando has grown a beard, probably a sensible plan.


NYC Tango Pilgrim said...

They danced a very beautiful "Nada" in the same setting. I like the way they dance, very natural, musical and fluid.

koolricky said...

Yep, both Fernando and Nayla are wonderful, both in their teaching and in their dancing. The way how Fernando teaches is quite unusual. Instead of looking at you and changing every bit to suit the style he dances (like most tango teachers do) he incentivates people to develop their own style and to discover themselves...
And the best thing is that, he has a great musical taste! He loves Laurenz and Di Sarli and especially when they are sung by Podestá - sounds perfect to me! :oD