Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dad Tracker 3.0

My Dad is still walking across Northern Spain, and texting me daily. I'm making a new post, rather than 'bumping' the old one, because bumping the post is just awkward. And also, he's found out how to send me pictures from his phone, and I've found out how to forward them to my email. For his journey from St. Jean Pied-de-Port, France, on 20th May, to León on 14th June, now with added pictures, see Dad Tracker 2.0.

Montes de León, 18th June16th June: 31k today. 3k to Astorga, then over the mountains at west edge of meseta. Blister on little toe, but surviving.
17th June: Good day, lovely scenery and weather, looking forward to climb to highest point tomorrow, 1500m, less to descend.
18th June: Molinaseca, 8k from Ponferrada. Wonderful weather and mountain scenery, difficult descents. Picture: Montes de Leon (left).
19th June: Long, hot day. 30k to Villafranca, should reach Galicia tomorrow, feet permitting. Long, hard climb.
With love from Galicia, 20th June20th June: Missing everyone. In Galicia. Wonderful day's walking in mountains. Picture, with love from Galicia (right). And a second picture of flowers (left), "Looks like the Lake District here".Looks like Lake District, 20th June
21st June: 30k to Samos, Galicia. Huge monastery.
22nd June: Ferreira (can't find on map). 100k to go.
23rd June: Palacio do rei. Rather dull day, walk, and place, but can take easy now, only three days from Santiago.
24th June: Arzua tonight, 45k to go.
25th June: In Arca (can't find on map), 21k to go. Should be in Santiago for lunch tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful! Oh what I miss when I go underground for far too long. I'm enjoying all the pleasure and regret of catching up, though.

Much love - V