Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dad Tracker - Santiago

Here he is!

My Dad has celebrated his retirement by walking methodically all the way across northern Spain from St. Jean Pied-de-Port (in France) to Santiago de Compostela.

He got there before lunchtime today. Here he is in front of the cathedral.

It took him just over a month, from 20th May to 26th June. After spending a week with a friend of his in Galicia, he'll be back here wondering what to do next.

And below is a map of all the waypoints I blogged here and here, courtesy of Google.

Well done Daddy, I love you very much.

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My Mum, meanwhile, is in the Antipodes, visiting her relations and meeting their sheep. I miss her too. Both of them will be back soon, and thoroughly pleased to see each other.


tangobaby said...

Okay, I want to borrow your parents as an example to mine. Yours sound very adventurous and cool.

I can hardly get mine to come 50 miles to see me in SF.

Congrats to your dad! I think his trek was very interesting!

Sil said...

Tell Dad that there are at least 15 different camino routes in Spain, 7 that start in France: 3 from Portugal: He can do the Via Francigena pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome: St Olav's Trail in Norway: Abrahams Path: St Paul's trail in Turkey: Choose from three St Francis Trails in Italy: Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage in Japan: Tro Breiz 7 Saints pilgrimage 700kms in Brittany ......... so many trails, not enough money or time.....sigh!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some cathedral. Very busy architecture. Most continental. Well worth travelling to.

koolricky said...

Yep, the one from Portugal is fantastic. It goes throuhg my home town, which you can see in the map, "Braga".
In the 800BC-1100BC there was much rivalry between Braga (so called Bracara Avgvsta) and Santiago because despite Santiago having a bigger cathedral and also attracting lots of pilgrims Braga was the ecclesiatic capital. So both have great "church-related" architecture!
A must!