Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Interview with Gustavo Naveira

Every now and then among the the dross, the delusion, the bitching, the boredom, and the sheer anti-anity of Tango-L, is Something Quite Interesting. I delete so you don't have to.

Here, courtesy of Brian Dunn, is an updated interview with Gustavo Naveira, who has the feet of a dragonfly and, quite obviously, the mind of an entomologist. Illustration below.

Don't you find yourself wanting to clap with the music?

As for the interview, there are some interesting factual reminiscences, but I like this: "I think it’s a mistake to believe you have to learn tango by having to go through cultural barriers. This is a superficial barrier."

He must be so much fun to play with.


RealityPivots said...

Wowser. Thanks. He was my first major tango influence but I lost touch with that style. Let me reconsider.

Psyche said...

That's one of the Tangomagia performances! I was there. Nice to be able to name-drop venues! :)

He once led me in a colgada in a workshop. It was the coolest thing, like being on a spinny fairground ride - the sheer velocity and momentum. I couldn't stop grinning. Had a similar thing with Chicho one time - when he offers you his arm, he really uses it, I just flew across the room. So cool! It's funny, because I don't like generally any kind of force in a lead, but this is different - no pushing, more like inviting you to get on a rollercoaster.

Boy, I'm name dropping today.

I learnt a lot in Gustavo's seminars. His understanding of the mechanics of leading and following is just incredible. And he's a very funny man, lots of really interesting stories. But, much as I admire Gustavo with my head, Chicho will always have my heart.

msHedgehog said...

I saw them give more or less the same performance at the Crypt last Christmas, a few weeks earlier. I chose the Tangomagia video because the light is much better, but the Crypt one gives you a closer view of the technique.

msHedgehog said...

@realitypivots - Wowser? I don't think you think that means what I think it means - you're definitely not an Australian, then ;D

AlexTangoFuego said...

How about "Yowzuh!"?

I am a Gustavo AND Giselle fan and disciple and proud of it. I've had the good fortune of studying intensively with the two of them for 10 days - 6 days in Buenos Aires and 4 days in Atlanta. I was hoping for another 4 days next month but my partner fell through.

They are definitely maestros among mere mortal men and women of tango.

Here is some footage from the Atlanta workshop I attended. The caminadas to Di Sarli's Verdemar just make me want to weep.