Thursday, 26 June 2008

Beef Madras Pie with Pickled Lime

Can I just say that that pie was a work of genius.

Mmm, they said, somewhere in Sussex, I do like Madras with lime pickle. It's very nice. I know what we'll do, we'll put it on beef and onions, and stick it in a pie. People will like that.

The makers of this deeply British dish are called Farm 2 Kitchen and can sometimes be found at Walthamstow Market (outside the Library) on Sundays. Among many other pies, they also do the "Aztec," which involves beef, chillies, and chocolate.

If they had a website, I'd link to it, but they don't. According to the label on the pie I've just consumed, somewhere in Sussex was Unit 6, Bates Green Farm, BN26 6SH, tel 01424 843 413, email at AOL, f2kpies.


tangobaby said...

is this the same type of lime pickle that you can get in the Indian markets?

I am always fond of an interesting condiment.


msHedgehog said...

Yes, that's probably the same; it's a standard product in supermarkets here. Made by Sharwoods and others. If you like it, you might also like the mango chutney, further up that page.

Lime pickle is hot.