Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The sky on my birthday

the sky on my birthday
That's all.

Actually, that's not all. Notice there are no contrails. But the sky of London is continuously criscrossed by planes. That means (as I learned from The Cloudspotter's Guide, obtainable from the Cloud Appreciation Society and all good bookshops), that there was little moisture in the upper atmosphere, suggesting fine weather would continue for some time - as it has, so far. Contrails - condensation trails - aren't fumes, they're clouds, the planes just seed them. If there isn't moisture, they don't really get going, they're short and they fade quickly.


Elizabeth Brinton said...

Well, Happy Birthday MsHedgehog!
Enjoy this next trip around the sun.

ghost said...

There's a lovely expression "The moon is in his house". It means that there's a lot of water mositure so when you look at the full moon it has a halo. You can get a similar "reading" on non-moonlit nights by looking at streetlamps.

maya said...

Happy Birthday to you,
hope you didn't loose a shoe,
while dancing your birthday waltz,
as some tangueras do.

msHedgehog said...

It rhymes!
Thank you maya xxx
I didn't have one birthday waltz but I did invite several dancing friends to be in the same place, and danced with them all, and other people, and it was such a fun evening.

msHedgehog said...

Thank you E! xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday MsHedgehog, from your Aussie aunt, BJ.
You may not remember, but when I was in Romania, my Hungarian friends called me 'hedgehog' in Hungarian - for my spikey hair!
Best whshes,
Black Betty