Saturday, 20 June 2009

Café de los Maestros at the Barbican next Friday

There are 20 of them,
they're playing at the Barbican next Friday,
a little trailer from the film about them is below,
and they've got Alberto Podestá (yes).

There's a Facebook event here, and Barbican booking is here, and you should probably get a move on if you want a ticket. That's it really.

Also, Tanguarda are opening on the free stage at seven, and also playing at Carablanca later that night. They're a lot younger and there are only four of them. They've got a violin, a bandoneón, a double bass and a piano.

I like live music.


Anonymous said...

is Podesta good?

Anonymous said...

I've got this listed on my blog too! I am afraid that I have to miss them :-(.

Tanguarda played at the Fire and Flame ball and were excellent.

This event is highly recommended.

Ms H, great to see you last night, although briefly. You looked lovely, as always. BTW, your posture is fine.

msHedgehog said...

Hi Anon
To be quite honest I have no idea what he's like now, but he was pretty good in this. What I'm saying is, these are the guys you go and see while they're still around.
Hi Arlene! It's fine now - three weeks ago I was totally scrambled, but Jill sorted me out and I'm back on track.

Tangocommuter said...

A whole evening of live tango: Tanguarda play a concert set at 11pm
and a dance set at 12.30am, with dancing to 2am. And there are recent performances from Alberto Podesta on YouTube. He still performs regularly.

msHedgehog said...

@TC Yes, I might get there for Tanguarda's migration to Carablanca later - I'll have to go to the concert straight from work though, so it only works if I remember my dancing shoes, contact lenses, makeup and adaptable clothing at 8am. Go on, give us a link ...

Tangocommuter said...
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Tangocommuter said...

(Sorry! My video link was 'deformed' so I'll have to spell it out.)

To Podesta? Here he is just last year:

Podesta recorded with Miguel Calo, Di Sarli, Pedro Laurenz, Troilo, among others, and age hasn't diminished his intensity. Don't miss this!