Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Dancing Flower does Joe Powers (milonga)

Since some people were shouting "Milonga! Milonga!" at the Flower's very first appearance, here it is. I also have the Edgardo Donato version of this piece, but the Flower prefers the sunny-but-chilled sound and tempo of Joe Powers.

Used with kind permission of Joe. You can get the album Amor de Tango, and others, at Go on, support live music.

The setting-sun spotlight is a little contrasty, I know, but it was too good not to use. The backing group I leave to the mercy of your comments.


ghost said...


I like the lighting - reminds me of Negracha

It's amazing the intricacy and range of movement. And of course the flower's trademark dramamtic pauses :o)

I wonder if performing tango in shades will be the next In Thing?

msHedgehog said...

Piezoelectric, isn't it?

The shades - I've seen it done once.

maya said...

I am still in awe of the flower's tango style. Piezoelectric is a good name for it, jeje.

I like your lighting effects,tango was after all a passtime for people of the night.

David Bailey said...

There was a guy at the Tango Extravaganza dancing in shades - he was dancing with The Lady With The Hat....