Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Off-Topic: Senior Process Engineer wants job

My cousin Anna has just arrived from Oz and wants a job. She's an experienced Senior Process Engineer/Project Engineer/Chemical Engineer, early thirties.

She knows how to conceive, design, study the feasibility of, project-manage, build, and commission industrial plants that turn something not-useful into something useful, such as raw coal into the kind you can use to make steel - but more or less anything into whatever works. Her degree is in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Mathematics, University of Queensland.

She can get paid lots of money to work in really dull places (unless you're an arachnologist) at home in Oz where it's warm. Now she wants to work in the big city, preferably London, and is more than happy to change industries (from mostly mining) or take a short-term contract.

She's been around the world a few times and isn't easily fazed.

She's visa'd up to work here till July 2010. If you might have a job for her, email me at the address top right and I'll put you in touch.


Anonymous said...

Good luck - if the British can't get British jobs in the current economy, its going to be tougher for us outsiders.

A friend of mine arrived from Zimbabwe and he can't seem to get anything.

Captain Jep said...

Sorry not at all my area. I seem to remember toasti on Ceroc Scotland is roughly in that field and is currently doing contract work - maybe she can help?