Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Dancing Flower does Libertango

This week in Tango Silliness, Libertango. Piazzolla was really interested in tango as concert music, and didn't particularly write or play for dancers, but this particular piece is very driving and does make me want to dance. All his works, like classical music in general, tend to be known by his name rather than by who plays them.

There are lots of versions of Libertango but this is the only one I have, played by Quinteto La Camorra. I think the flower's reaction to the dynamics at about 2 minutes and 3 minutes is nice.


Ghost said...

That other sunflower is cabecoeing like crazy :o)

Yes I like the small movements and pauses just before 3 mins and the pose at 1.59.

Are there no limits to the Dancing Flower's musicality?!

And kudos for a post that contains "tango silliness" - the world needs more of that.

msHedgehog said...

Dude! Its a daffodil!

Ghost said...

Nah it's a sunflower that's gotten dolled up for tango, put on leaf extensions etc :whistle: