Friday, 3 April 2009

Throwing Things Away

Today has been a day of getting rid of things. I took a holiday specially to do things I never do at the weekend, because it's the weekend. I have far too much stuff and my flat is a mess. I am not much of a housekeeper, and I don't really need all this stuff. It's time to have less stuff.

I've given away three bags of clothes and a fondue set on Freecycle, and listed a few CDs for resale on Amazon. I've put lots of miscellaneous carboard in the recycling, and someone is supposed to come for some computer books. I've sorted out some more CDs whose resale value isn't worth the trouble, but would sell in a charity shop. I've even closed an unused bank account. Not only that, I've dug out the right sort of glue from my box of sticky things and attempted to repair the dimmer switch on my standard lamp that fell off when my Mum turned it and scared her.

And I feel so much better.

I could also very well sacrifice some plastic and ceramic flowerpots, some pretty painted panels in blue and rainbow colours that have served their purpose, quite a few books on various subjects, and a couple of tango CDs I bought as experiments before I knew what I liked or what was out there. But I'll be gentle with myself.

I can go out and dance with a clearer mind.


Anonymous said...

I love spring cleaning!!!!

Anonymous said...

Spring cleaning is good for the soul and allows new things to come into your life. I have done it once so far and will be doing more next week!

Tuulia said...

Hi! You asked about my skirt. It's knitted tightly, but the hem is wider than the hips, so it doesn't prevent one from walking with long steps. I know it looks like it from the pictures, but I was actually able to run in it without any problems :D

msHedgehog said...

Hi Tuulia! That sounds perfect, and it's so beautiful. I'm going to look for the pattern now.

Tuulia said...

The pattern is my original, and is being testknitted right now. It will become available soon, I'll post about it in my blog :)