Thursday, 9 April 2009

I'm delegating this post to Ampster

Ampster, who I have danced with and who is a really lovely dancer, has been writing some stories about his development in tango. He started from a ballroom background and has been exactly where some of my readers are now, and in places interestingly different from where others are. He doesn't post a lot of posts but he has things to say.

Have a read.

The Intricacy of Simplicity
My Meanderings through Tango Music
Patience, Patience, Patience

And others.

[Edit: I forgot this.]


AmpsterTango said...

Thanks for the mention. Oh, and thanks for the dancing hamsters! That was cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank H for leading me to Ampster. I love his descriptions of his Tango experience. Wish more men were as honest and as articulate as him.

msHedgehog said...

I can't believe that you'd never seen the Hampster Dance. My Dad has seen the Hampster Dance! It was big in, er, 1999.