Sunday, 19 April 2009


On a day when the sky is perfectly grey, you have to look hard, even with eyes, to see the beauty of the world. In photographs, it dulls the colour. I wish that I could show you the infinite variety of green that occurs on a wet Easter Saturday in Windsor.

I think these cherry blossoms glow almost more than they would in sunlight. This might be a nice light for portraits. I think I read somewhere that Nicholas Hillard thought it was.

I tried dialling down the exposure to show you the richness of green.

Here is Windsor Castle, with two tourists and a silver sky.

Back home on the Monday, the oaks were almost ready.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing quite like the pale virginal green of new leaves, Ms. H.

Jo A said...

I love the squatting tourist. There is something appealingly postmodern about pictures of people taking pictures.