Thursday 2 April 2009

Salon Swing

Dawn Hampton and John Dokes. Never you mind what dance we dance, let's watch, listen, learn.

And more of a birthday dance (really good) here. She's 80.


Mr Walker said...

i hope and i pray that at 80years young i am still able to hear and move as beautifully as she doe' is a powerful thing for many reasons....but most of all it brings us closer to who we are really.

thank you for sharing this i am always happy and this still managaed to to give me a kind of rush...just beautiful....

Andreas said...

Brilliant! Thanks for that one.
Noteworthy also how the orchestra is playing for the dancers, in the way the Golden Age orchestras of tango were. They allow dancers to read their music and anticipate changes.
And also, note how the dancers are in the music and work with everything. Beautiful.
And btw, where dancing at old age is concerned, how about dancing at one's 100th birthday. Here's Carmencita Calderon, legendary partner of the legendary El Cachafaz:
And here she is in the old days:

Arlene said...

I love it. Here is another one that Jocelyne in Bristol/Bath posted on Facebook. I swear I am going to keep dancing til I can't move anymore.

msHedgehog said...

Clickable versions:
Carmencita Calderon at 100
And in 1933
Arlene's link.

It's an interesting thing about the orchestra playing for the dancers. It definitely feels wonderful when there's a real collaboration between real, live musicians and dancers going on and they are paying attention to each other and appreciating each other. I think I see what you are talking about in this case, but I don't know how it's achieved.

Elizabeth Brinton said...

Awesome conversation between dancers and musicians. Just inspiring!
The pauses too, show great sensitivity and personality in the elder woman's dance!
Thanks for the inspiration.

msHedgehog said...

I really love what John Dokes is doing. It seems so gentle, without sacrificing the fire. Totally in the music. They're great together.

ghost said...

I think you might enjoy this


msHedgehog said...

I quite liked it, but he needed to cut the whole of the first two paragraphs and tighten up the rest of it by fifty percent. What a sermon! ;D

ghost said...

Yeah but he's learning tango so I forgive him ;o)