Monday, 24 November 2008

Strictly Pro Milonga

Ok, I was going to start writing something completely different, but this takes precedence because the vid will probably get pulled after about five minutes.

It's pure, pure flash, but it's huge fun, they both look delighted to be there, and notice the crowd just can't help clapping along. That's how you can tell this kind of thing is working.

I haven't actually watched it much recently, because I'm out on Saturday nights, but I am Strictly Pro this show. Actual social dancers will of course feel embarrassed by a lot of it, but it is top-class entertainment and it makes people want to dance. If we feel embarrassed we can always hide behind the sofa.

I also like that they used real milonga music, specifically a milonga that makes it almost impossible to sit still, and didn't just do milonga to some inane pop song. And didn't the band do a good job? Another thing I like about this show is that they use real live musicians, all the time.

I hear they take lessons with Leandro and Romina. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ms. H, not sure if this is going to be a duplicate, 'cause my computer is acting up. Now, about the vid, the only objection I have is that they are so not on the beat.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was happy and yes it was clappy but it really disappointed me. It was far too much 'quick tango steps' and not enough milonga beat and rhythm.
I had just got used to the idea of show tango I hope we don't have to get used to show milonga.

Anonymous said...

I love these two! A lot of the other show dances are pretty standard latin/ballroom stuff, but Vincent and Flavia always work beautifully as a couple and stand out a mile in their specialist area. I love the synchronisation and intricacies of the footwork even if it is more tango than milonga. (which I don't know enough about to tell)

tg said...

I'd love to have heard what Arlene had to say about that, if only because a few years back in the other 'Strictly Come' series (the one with unknown young people) one couple had the mad idea of taking tango classes and dancing at a milonga. For the programme they came up with a dance that bore more than a passing resemblance to tango, and I seem to remember Arlene saying: "What was that you were doing? That wasn't tango. Where was the passion, the drama?" So they got voted off, and I hope they went back to dance at the milonga and had a really good time. So if the judges approved of this, they've made a giant leap forward!

I just hope they don't try dancing like that at a milonga!

msHedgehog said...

@Johanna - from watching Brucie talk at the beginning, I think the sound is quite far out of sync with the pictures, so it's hard to tell really. It's usually bad with TV ripoffs.
@Limerick - I agree with you that it's mostly fast tango. There's hardly anything characteristically milonga, just a few wiggle-ochos and the trick where she steps on his feet, which I've only seen used in milonga performances. But someone who doesn't already know both dances well isn't going to be able to tell that. I doubt this couple ever normally dance milonga as such - they certainly don't dance socially, that I know of - so they are probably just using the things they like and use a lot, that can be adapted to the faster time.

@Jo - they're fun. I know I'll hate their tango but in this the fun overwhelms everything else. For a good milonga that's literally both good and milonga, fully connected to each other and to the ground, which is what it's all about, try here, especially from 00:50, 01:10, 01:29.

@John - they don't get to say anything about the pro demos. I've never watched any of the AT ones after the first one so I don't know what the judges' clue level is at the moment (I can only assume it's gone up, though).

Anonymous said...

I didn't like it that much at first - as said, it was a bit too much like fast tango, plus I didn't like the (long) bit where they weren't facing each other.

But now it's grown on me - and considering the context of a prime-time entertainment show, it's not bad at all.

John - the other series was "Strictly Dance Fever" - it ran for 2 seasons I think, and I think they had the Milonga as one of their assigned dances, but I can't remember the details. The show was rubbish, anyway, mainly due to the execrable Graham Norton hosting it.

Arlene said...

Hi different Arlene here. I have been watching the last couple of years (BTW, they do repeat showings on line if you missed it)and enjoyed that clip. It was showey and fun, which is what a milonga is. Not everything is danced on the beat, that is so English, or German even. I like your reviews and wonder if we have met (I also knit, so findng your site is a bonus)I have linked you to my blog if that is ok. Arlene

msHedgehog said...

Hi Arlene, looking at your blog I'm sure we have met, we spoke to each other at Carole's exhibition. You mentioned a Ceroc club near Holborn. Of course you are welcome to link!

Arlene said...

Please forgive me if I can't remember, because I don't think you were introduced as Ms Hedgehog! If you remember what I look like and you see me at a Milonga, please grab me and say 'hi'. I like your style.
All the best, A