Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Miniature Pocket Hat - in Action

Remarks about the pattern, which is an adaptation of Techknitting's brilliant Pocket Hat, are here.

I think I made it too long and not wide enough. He's too big for it already now, but it lasted a few weeks, and his Proper Present is now ready for delivery (post in the works).

I should make a collage of all these babies.


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby! hem hem.

msHedgehog said...

Isn't he adorable? ;)

Anonymous said...

That Pearl is a charmer too!

Time must be going wonky because it hardly seems any time at all since you were making the Moomin, and now shes walking with it/him/her. (do Moomins have a gender?)

msHedgehog said...

Moomins do have gender, and indeed reproduce in nuclear families, but the outsider can only tell by their accessories.