Thursday, 13 November 2008

Feeling sorry for myself

I don't know what this is - it doesn't really feel like a cold - but I wish it would go away. My head hurts. Yesterday I felt pretty sick but I went into work anyway for an important technical meeting. It was cancelled, so I answered a few emails, gave people things they needed, came back and went to bed. Today I just stayed at home and tried not to cry. Tomorrow I am officially on holiday, but that'll probably be completely wasted.


Game Cat said...

Ms H, have experienced a similar bout recently (except I didn't have a holiday around the corner to convalesce in).

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon as I will miss our dance.

Anonymous said...

Heard similar (and suffered earlier in the week) from a lot of people including two friends who have the proverbial constitution of oxen!

Don't know if it'll work for you, but sprawling on the sofa watching dvds helped me.

Feel better soon :flower:

maya said...

I hope you get better soon and enjoy your holiday in good health.

Anonymous said...

Someone once said to me that whenever I notice a bout of self-hurting (bumping into furniture, twisting ankles, feeling blue) it was because I wasn't giving myself enough attention.

Maybe doing something very special for yourself, simply because you deserve it, will help lift your spirits?