Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I love this picture, and I loved this performance. There's plenty going on for the audience, but there's so much going on between them. Their connection is electric, whether they're actually touching or not.

This is how good you have to be to turn your backs on each other during a tango performance and never break the connection.

Photo by permission of Carole Edrich (website, photostream). Carole has an exhibition opening on Friday at Zero Sette Restaurant, next to the western entrance of ExCeL .


Anonymous said...

Ms. H - this is my most favorite couple of all. And if I have an idol to whose dancing I would like to be compared, it's Giselle-Ann. She is graceful and elegant, has clean but exciting footwork, and has great depth and internal fire without a lot of external fuss.

Thank you for posting this.

msHedgehog said...

Yes. And doesn't that little space between them just crackle?

Anonymous said...