Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Slow Food tango - Andreas this Friday

Time for my shout-out to Andreas, who occasionally sets me right in the Comments, especially on matters of music. As you may have partly gathered from the comments on my DJ question, he's teaching classes this Friday and next Friday at Carablanca (19:30) - purely social tango with an uninterrupted close embrace. With Monica Lopez, for this occasion. He's also DJing this week. He has a kind of 'slow food' approach to tango, focusing on the quality of the basic ingredients, which makes a lot of sense to me. He also tells me that he talks to the women in his classes ("I want them to improve - I have to dance with them" - and he looked endearingly shocked at my eventual and only about 25%-joking response of "Dance with your students? Who the hell does that?).

Tangocommuter has already written a post with a particularly nice video (not a performance - social dancing at La Crau, with Céline Devèze).

Disclosure: I have danced with Andreas more than once and would like to repeat the experience as often as he feels inclined to cooperate. I'd also like it if more men tried to dance more like him, because it feels wonderful for the woman. So my motivations in posting this are perfectly selfish. Do as you please.

[Update 27th August: I see Danny has linked this from the Carablanca website, so you deserve something a bit more entertaining for clicking through. Here are Andreas and Detlef Engel taking the piss at La Crau. Andreas following (most of the time) - Detlef with ponytail and poker face (all of the time).

Second update 28th August: Tangocommuter describes the class here, with an interesting comments thread. Class 2 of 2 this Friday, i.e. tomorrow.]

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maya said...

Great, I am looking forward to this.