Sunday, 30 August 2009

Random acts of Wagner

I think Waltraud Meier is absolutely stunning in this, although Domingo contributes a lot to the atmosphere. And, the ludicrous side of modern technology: Wagner's tremendous Romantic scene of lawless love and a Penguin Classics Pride and Prejudice can dwell within a foot of one another on the same sofa on a lazy Bank Holiday Sunday, separated only by my knees.

Health warning: the problem with Wagner is that the melodies are a continuously woven stream through the whole act, in such a way that once you start getting into it, it can be very difficult to stop, and before you know where you are it's an hour later.


cindy said...

ooh- thank you for this! I just got back from seeing the Ring in seattle last week..! :)

JeanZ said...

Nice! Want to hear a real man sing? ;-)