Saturday, 7 February 2009

Less Tired

I've just had one of those evenings when I felt less tired at the end than at the beginning.

I'm glad I went home and had an hour and a half's nap beforehand, dozing with the the cricket on the radio, just loud enough to stop me thinking about anything else.

The voice of Michael Holding is more relaxing than that of Geoff Boycott.

Speaking of Geoffrey Boycott, am I the only person who always assumed he was gay until he appeared in that court case in France after an argument with his girlfriend?

I have no idea why I thought this. I don't remember. I just did.

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Tangocommuter said...

I imagine that's why almost all the milongas in BsAs start at 11pm: it gives everyone time to go home, eat and rest for a few hours, and then go out and enjoy dancing. As to listening to the cricket, probably not. But then after that result...