Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Corporate Life

Last week I was invited to familiarise myself with my employer's horizontal service portfolio offerings. Just in case anyone asks me.

Isn't this something we should get Chennai to do? I swear they wrote the manual, or something.

They could have put "distributed" in there, and nobody would have noticed.


Anonymous said...

There was a time when adding "distributed" to your these title got you funding. Leaving it out denied you funding.

"On Distributed Tango"?

Anonymous said...

Ms Hedgehog!
Whatever next? What do you exactly mean by "familiarise myself with my employer's horizontal service"?

I think you can take them to special tribunals for these kind of requests and bag yourself some other benefits too!

We should all take comfort that your work seems not to have anything directly to do with tango. I hear from some people that with a few of tango teachers on the fringe anything goes. It seems if the word tango is mentioned somewhere in the works then all is fine and they can do whatever they wish!

I suppose it is a bit like your employer requesting you to join their horizontal familiarisation. I am sure I am not alone avoiding our imagination what else your employer wants you to get up to.

I don't know if we have heard the last of it here yet.

Jack (The Lad)