Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bit quiet

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here - my computer turned itself into a very expensive brick just after my "where the tango was" post, and I don't like using my work machine much, especially when I'm tired of work.

I've thought about posting some videos I like, with a bit more analysis or discussion than people usually do. But the whole notion seems a bit dull, I seem a bit unqualified, and I can't convince myself. I'm not sure what the angle is. Maybe I'll come back to that.

I've been to see the new Gallery of Nebamun, at the British Museum. It's in Room 61 - go up the stairs at the right-hand end of Egypt. But you can have a reasonable look with the lovely interactive animation on the website. Use the menu buttons on the left, which work better than the animation itself - and you get a "translate hieroglyphs" option which isn't available in the room. The paintings are fascinating artistically, even more than they are historically, I think.

I decided to replace the computer, which was never a very good buy, but the new one probably won't come for another week. I'll try and write anyway.



Anonymous said...

how about a post on tango types - but tango clothing! i just a post on arlene's blog about those "pesky nuevo types" who wear combat trousers and harem pants!

ha ha! how true!

Anonymous said...

I was getting worried about you! Know what it's like, my home internet connection's gone belly-up, fortunately I have no scruples about posting from work... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi MsHedgehog

I think your video idea sounds great so please if you have the time i would like to see and read your valued opinion.