Thursday, 17 January 2008

Where to Find Tango Music

While trying to work out how I could buy a piece of music I liked, I've just found, which is outstanding. Which CD to buy, why, and whether you can actually get it or not, from someone who's listened to them, is exactly what I needed, and he does it really well.

He does seem to have some to sell, although somewhat reluctantly - you have to look at "FAQ" to even find out how it might be possible to buy one. I was clicking away on the pictures, on the point of assuming that the website just wasn't working. No zShops, no Ebay, no service-provder shopping basket, no ecommerce at all. A bit more work from me is order before I reach the rather extreme conclusion that it might be necessary to email someone my address, engage in correspondence, and post a cheque, of all things. I think I last saw my chequebook in the year 2000.

[Correction: another look and a click on what I first assumed to be an advertisement for a milonga shows that you can join a club and set up a standing order. I think this is a pretty good deal and I'll consider it, but I am not a big music buyer, and one CD a month would be a lot for me.]

A bit more digging shows that the one I want is available for purchase as an authorised, high-quality, DRM-less download - and even as individual tracks. It's not nearly as well-designed as the Finnish version which I found first, and the previews don't work (the Finnish ones do), but it will probably do the job.


koolricky said...

Hi ms hedgehog, is owned by Michael Lavocah, from Bristol. It is a homeish business but his expertise in tango music (he is one of the most knowleadgeable people in the UK about the music) makes up for it. His club (£9.99 + free cd frmo a choice of four) is a good option and if you email him he can suggest you how to build up your library. He is a very nice guy!

msHedgehog said...

I agree it's a really excellent site and his information is so useful. I just wish he was using Amazon zShops or something, so I could do impulse shopping.