Monday, 14 January 2008

I passed

hedgehog with a First Aid badgeOh yes, I passed my exam on Friday.

This doesn't necessarily mean I'm a good first aider - I've always been good at passing exams. But I got the compliments of the assessors and a sweet little red and green badge. The slightly scary lady said "I've only written one word - Excellent". Which was nice. I think I got extra points for picking up the imaginary knife that the casualty had cut herself on and putting it in an imaginary safe place before I started bandaging the imaginary wound. (With a real bandage).

So now I can save your life if you puncture a lung with one of my prickles.


Jo A said...

Prickles or the more likely knitting needles?

Tango said...
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koolricky said...

Well done Ms Hedgehog, the milongas will a bit a bit safer with you around. By the way, if you want to travel to Coventry on sunday we are organising a milonga in the afternoon... Congratulations!