Sunday, 13 January 2008

Mostly Harmless Tangos

They're all part of the fun, but I wonder how many of my species you recognise?

  • Powerpoint tango
  • S ... p ... a ... c ... e ... d ... O ... u ... t ... t ... a ... n ... g ... o (Remember the super-super-super slo-mo when Channel 4 had the cricket?)
  • iPod tango (what are you listening to? Is it good?)
  • Supreme Pontiff tango (I'm just the audience)
  • Motorised Corset tango (please may I breathe when we get where we're going?)
  • Bad Sex tango (noisy, but the ceiling needs painting)
  • Frog-in-a-blender milonga (heels down, heels down, heels down - oops!)
  • 8-step basic vals

I'm getting fewer of them all as my own dancing gets better, but the mildest sense of adventure usually gets you one. A mental taxonomy is my way of dealing with it, although if I get the giggles while I'm actually dancing it can be tricky to explain away. I almost did that once tonight, so I thought I'd spread it around.

My limited experience (following only) doesn't allow me to know what the equivalent follower faults are. I've heard about the wet fish and the kung-fu princess, and I've seen lipstick in some surprising places. I'm almost starting to be tempted to find out.


koolricky said...

Ah ah ah!
That is a funny post. The slippery fish is a tricky one to dance with as they seem to have a life of their own.
There is one you forgot. When dancing milonga the Mary-go-round ones, that keep jumping to some sort of rhythm in front of you...

The Masked Tanguero said...

This actually made me laugh so much my stomach hurt!I love this blog so much!

La Nuit Blanche said...

i can't stop laughing, i love this post!!