Saturday, 6 October 2012

Smirking survey

Hello, I'm Linda from T.N.T. Research, we're doing a survey about smirking and brand awareness, would you be able to answer a few questions? 

... From what, sorry?

I'm from T.N.T. Research. We're doing a small survey about smirking, and brand awareness?

Smirking? As in ... a small smile? And what, sorry?

Er, smirking, as in smirking cigarettes. 

Oh! Smoking. Er - I don't smoke, I'm sorry.

Is there anyone in the household who smirks?

Er, no, sorry. No, thank you. [Puts phone down].

I don't even know anyone who smokes, any more! Extra points if you can tell me where Linda was from. And I honestly wasn't taking the piss out of her accent - my brain was a bit tired, and without any context I just couldn't rearrange the sounds into anything I recognised from life.


Mark said...


francoise_hardy said...

Smoking is sooooo over.

Preen and Ogle said...

Obviously someone from 'Buck House' who does'nt wear the 'trizers'.

msHedgehog said...

Nope, wrong direction entirely - a colleague actually named a town today, I don't remember the name though and have no idea whether he was right ;-)

Cie said...

How did I miss this?!
I would venture that, judging by her GOAT vowel, your caller was from Humberside...

msHedgehog said...

@Cie, Sadly I don't have the right plugin to play that right now, but I think you're right - my colleague who named a town was on the Durham helpdesk, the accent was quite similar to his except for that one baffling vowel, and I'm sure the town he named was in that area.