Monday, 29 October 2012

More general looping

My friend Carole the Photographer is going to loop-the-loop in a small plane, with two aims in mind. Motivating her to scare herself witless in this eye-catching manner, rather than by one of her more regularly extreme activities, is a collection for a children's cancer charity - basically it provides bicycles, adapted tricycles and tandems to sick children. Cycling is often possible when walking and running are not, and it gives them mobility and exercise, which helps recovery. You are, obviously, invited to donate some modest sum. I have.

There's also a remote theoretical possibility that the company who made her breast replacement (after surgery for breast cancer) might give her some money for proving experimentally that it doesn't explode at 4G. Which apparently no-one has done before, can't think why. Perhaps I'll tell you who they are afterwards, assuming she survives. Follow her adventures at Going Tits Up.

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Anonymous said...

'one of her more regularly extreme activities' hahaha
and thank you!