Saturday, 20 October 2012

I really miss it

That feeling when I've spent all weekend dancing - 24 hours of dancing and about half that of sleep. And never a bad one. I do so much less; I try so much less; the temptation to do too much, disappears. I have more time in every step. Smooth and powerful, focused and totally into it. Better connection, totally relaxed. Tanda after tanda with no sensation that I missed a lead. Suspension and road-holding for the fieriest milonga with as many missed leads as you need. That blurring of sensation, such that quite a big part of my brain no longer knows whether I'm dancing or not.

I lose it over time, I grieve for it, I miss it as it wears off. It can last a couple of weeks, if I'm careful. My partners, when I get back home, can certainly feel it on me. I avoid those who won't notice it. I'm careful. I want to let it fade, if it must, slowly and naturally. Like trying not to knock the eyelash extensions off.


Anonymous said...

yes, not knocking of eyelash extensions is the One Big Challenge

msHedgehog said...

:P it's when they don't actually fall off but go sort of sideways ... mine weren't as well done as yours, not the second set, anyway.