Sunday, 10 July 2011

Smiling muscles

You know that quivery feeling you get if you do something till you really can't do it any more, like some people do press-ups or something till the muscles in their arms 'fail', which means that they suddenly go all trembly and you fall down?

I did that today with my smile muscles. I had this goofy expression on my face and I felt it quivering.

And yes I was dancing.


TwoToTango said...

Wow. Once again you describe so very much to the point what I love about Tango (...and am very lucky to have experienced rather often of late!!!) :-)
I have not yet found out about all the factors influencing this "unearthly state of happiness". Probably a mixture of many and actually I don't know whether I want to know - talking about what makes bumblebees fly and if they would be able to if they knew...

msHedgehog said...

Well, in case of that particular partner, talent and determined work have had something to do with it, and being a well-disposed but intelligent and discriminating person, and having a fabulous girlfriend. But none of that is remotely useful to anybody as advice, so you may as well ignore it.