Saturday, 23 July 2011

Map Update

I've got round to updating the map - sorry about that, I forgot about it for about a year. It's mainly useful for the regular events in London, but I've included the ones further afield, or that I've only been to once, because it's just kind of fun to have a picture of where I've been.

It's zoomed in on central London, north of the river. Click "-" or use the "-" on your keyboard to zoom out and see more North and South, or zoom out even further to see the festivalitos in Europe, or even further to include the one on the US West Coast.

View Ms. Hedgehog's Milonga Map in a larger map

There are other milongas - these are just the ones I have personally located. I've deleted some London milongas that I know have been cancelled, it's possible others have. I usually won't know about it if I'm not a regular. A blue pin means I've checked the physical location but not been to the event.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this useful map, Ms Hedgehog!