Friday, 29 May 2009

More Frightened than Hurt

About to go into Liverpool Street Station, I slipped on a marble step, slipped again on the next step as I tried to recover, and fell almost full-length against the wholly unnecessary projecting square base of a strikingly ugly marble pillar, about half way between pelvis and shoulderblade. It was soft tissue, so although it hurt enough that I took a while to decide there was no serious damage and get to my feet, I am pretty sure there's no serious damage. But a hand's breadth to the right and it would have been my spine. At the time I was more hurt than frightened, but by the time I got home I was more frightened than hurt.

Now I'm just dealing with how to attach a bag of frozen peas to my person in the right place.

Given the shoes I was wearing - poor grip on smooth surfaces, which is why I occasionally wear them for dancing at outdoor festivals - and the surface, it might quite easily have happened if I'd been perfectly sober. But I had had a smallish glass of wine, and sometimes I forget that these days I'm not used to it. I like the odd glass of wine, and I'm not tempted to drink too much, but the trouble is the only safe options are in moderation but regularly, or not at all. If your system doesn't think it will need the right sort of enzyme, I don't think it makes it, and it takes a lot longer to process and this kind of thing happens. I should probably either not drink at all, or go back to the practice of working my way through a nice bottle each week.

I think the tango improves my coordination, though. I did mostly save myself, and I didn't hit my head on the stupid pillar.


Anonymous said...

OUCH! Must be one heck of a bruise!

taling said...


Glad it's nothing permanent

msHedgehog said...

Thank you
Sympathy blogging!