Friday, 22 May 2009

Anoia - the reference

One of my readers (CaptainJep) couldn't find the bit about Anoia, Goddess of Things that Get Stuck in Drawers. My memory of her appearance in Making Money was rather vague, and I couldn't find the book that day, but here it is. It was on top of the wool basket.

The High Priestess of Anoia features on page 309 of my edition, which is the second page of Chapter 12.

... and - oh, yes, the new High Priestess of Anoia, her crown of bent spoons all shiny, her ceremonial ladle held stiffly, her face rigid with nerves and importance. You owe me, girl, Moist thought, 'cos a year ago you had to work in a bar in the evenings to make a living and Anoia was just one of half a dozen semi-goddesses who shared an altar which, let's face it, was your kitchen table with a cloth on it. What's one little miracle compared to that?
I think there's an earlier reference to Moist's previous relationship with Anoia (more fully described in Going Postal), but I can't find it just now. Also, on page 338, Anoia allegedly causes a blackmailer's dentures to explode, in return for which Moist plans to visit her temple and hang up a big, big ladle. She also appears (and has several lines, and a cigarette) in Wintersmith.


ghost said...

$150,000 Gift from the GodsWave of stuck drawers hits cityYou suddenly looked up, shielded your eyes, dropped to your knees and screamed, "Yes, yes, thank-you, I am not worthy, glory be, may your teeth be picked clean by birds, halleluiah, rattle your drawers"

"Well...there was an angel"

pp256,7 Going Postal

Captain Jep said...

Hi Ms H

Im glad you put your mind at rest! :)

I've still got my copy from the library so yes there it is. I must have skimmed over without noticing.

I havent read much Pratchett since "Small Gods" so it's good to know Moist is also a recurring character!

ps Maybe you should write a riff on how to apply Pratchett's world view to Tango - I can already see some interesting parallels from "Small Gods"...

msHedgehog said...

@Ghost, ta for that, Going Postal is in my parents' library not mine.

@CaptainJep; Going Postal is Moist's only previous appearance, I think. It refers to the dotcom bubble, introduces Moist, Mr. Spools, Adora Belle Dearheart (also known as Spike), Stanley, and the Golem Trust, and includes a memorable character called Reacher Gilt.

I'll have to think about the riff. I'm sure I've thought of Pratchett from time to time, but not Small Gods specifically. And it's always been more about things that don't happen but probably should, rather than things that do. What made you think of it?

David Bailey said...

Sounds like there's a good "Terry Pratchett Guide To Tango" article waiting to happen... :)

msHedgehog said...

Mine would be all vaguely-subversive and apparently-irrelevant stuff about marketing. Pratchett's witches are very, very good at marketing.