Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

The blog is one year old, plus a month or so. Your comments make it much more interesting and fun. Whyever you're here, it's nice to have you.

Happy New Year, everybody.



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, darling girl. We love you and miss you. May your year be full of love and laughter, and a fair share of deserving dance partners.

Cheers from your Seattle family

Anonymous said...


tangobaby said...

Happy New Year and happy blog anniversary! I don't know if there is an appropriate song for both, so I'll just send you a big hug!


msHedgehog said...

@V, lots of love to all of you. The cute little hedgehog is on my desk at work.
@Jo A, and happy new year to you and family! I need that photo!
@tangobaby, here is one back: (((((tangobaby))))) Happy New Year to you too.