Monday, 26 January 2009

Functional Requirement

Every device worked by a remote control should have on it a button that, when pressed, causes the thingummy that works it to beep or buzz, softly, repeatedly, and frequently, till found.

Especially this blasted DVD player, which is all smooth-faced, with no buttons of its own. Completely inoperable. Where is it? Is it underneath the washing in the bottom of the basket? Has it gone down the back of the books? Slipped off the messy table into the wastepaper bin? Is it camouflaged in my stash of organically-produced undyed and naturally striped Welsh wool? Have I absentmindedly put it in the fridge? Where is the Widget?


Anonymous said...

Or at least program them to say "Polo" when you yell out "Marco"!!!

I share your pain Ms. H.

Anonymous said...

You could get one of the multi-remotes that lets you programme in all the gizmos you have. Then attach one of the key rings that beeps when you whistle....

(One of these days I'll get organised enough to do it, I actually have the components :devil: )

If you can't find the remote, a multi-remote is a workable replacement.

maya said...

I am all for a whistling responding remote. Wonder why industrial designers have not put them together yet.