Monday, 19 January 2009

American Rhetoric

From one of the masters, via Brad DeLong:

I think it's an advantage of a presidential system - the kind with a relatively powerful president, apparently derived from French and Classical models - that you get to throw a coronation party every four to eight years.

Not to be sneezed at. I hope it is a good party.


Arlene said...

Well frankly, the party is long overdue. BTW is is my son's birthday today and he was actually born on Martin Luther King's birthday 22 years ago, and can't think of a better person for him to share his birthday with. My family are immigrants to the USA and I am first generation American. There are times I am ashamed to call myself American due to the antics that have occured in the world created by our previous incumbant. I am all for equal rights, opportunities, etc. If having a party to celebrate a new hope for America gives the people joy, why not, after what we have had to endure. Not everybody voted for Bush, especially in the state of Florida. I better stop now before I go on a rant.

Anonymous said...

"Cars are cars" ~ KITT being unable to fathom why some humans are so dememted to each other over their make and model.

Anonymous said...

Hello Darling Girl. I'm watching it on a live feed here at the office on the big, big screen. We're making a big breakfast and everyone is so very, very happy. It's a Beautiful Day!

Love from your Seattle Sister