Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sending Tigers to India

tigerSome of you may remember the Fair Isle Tiger. He has a rather fierce expression.

He was a present for a baby. The baby belongs to my colleague S, who worked with us here for a while. She quite liked living in Bracknell, especially in summer, but then she went back to Mumbai and did the same work there for a while (it's a big company).

envelopeWhile S was here I made the Moomin, which she liked so much that I had to make a companion for her baby when it came.

The tiger travelled in a Jiffy envelope. The address was about ten lines long. I don't think a name, six-character postcode and house number really do the job in India. They usually will, here, even if you forget everything else.

addressWe were both a little worried about his possible adventures with customs, security, and immigration, which is why I didn't giftwrap him. I hoped that his modest conveyance and totally relaxed relationship with X-rays, together with the dual-nationality visa of his striped coat, would get him through.

Who could let or hinder that? And here he is with Little S.



maya said...

Ooooh what an adventurous tiger, going all the way to India by himself.
You were right about the necklace I made, it is a foundation chain going sideways to do the stalks and its done in two passes.It comes from this japanese book called "knot". There are lovely designs designs, see here http://knitbuddies.blogspot.com/2008/06/kitty-japanese-craft-book-9784072570586.html

tangobaby said...

OH my goodness that is cute. I would be over the moon if I could make something that adorable. (I mean the tiger. The baby is cute, too.)

You are so talented!