Friday, 10 October 2008

Father and Daughter dance

This is a lovely video from Oscar Casas, who teaches Canadians to dance tango, and does the rest of the world a favour by posting great little summaries on YouTube. It's several fathers and (adult) daughters dancing together, including him and his daughter Sheila. They are in the far left corner at the start - she has a backless black top on. It has a a message from Oscar in the subtitles, which speaks for itself.

I posted this in a conversation on Dance Forums about something else, and someone (AngelHi) pointed out something I hadn't noticed:

there are 4 couples and 3 different embraces/styles&rdquo

Angel went on to remark that some people “get all caught up in closed vs open vs VU style vs ???” and base their argument on “Well, in BsAs....”. I think Angel's point is worth passing around, although I don't hear that kind of argument much here in London. I think it happens less here than where Angel is, for cultural reasons. There is less incentive for people in Britain to assign almost mystical signficance to trivial and frequently-imaginary details of other people's cultural practices. In the USA there are all sorts of reasons why you might want to do that and create carefully-catalogued cabinets of curiosities out of them. There just are.

I only dance with my Dad at weddings. He's quite musical, but doesn't think so himself because some of his siblings are even more so. We do a sort of Random Rock to his brother's big band.


ModernTanguera said...

I, too, thought that the embrace comment was a good point. I wouldn't have thought about it if it hadn't been pointed out, but that is something that seems to be brought up again and again here in the states.

I was caught up in imagining how great it would be if my dad knew how to tango. As it is, I still get in a good polka almost every time I visit him.

Anonymous said...

I am envious of you both, as I lost my father when I was 27. I remember he was an excellent dancer, and can only wonder if he would have been tempted to learn to dance Tango.

Ms. H, as often happens, you have inspired to me to write a post on this topic :-)

koolricky said...

I have tried to teach my mum tango, and she's really good but hasn't had many classes so...
Definitely a very nice feeling!