Sunday, 12 October 2008

"Barack Obama Held My Sock"

... says Stringativity. Scroll down for the pictures.

What you do is, you hand over your sock-in-progress, saying "Please will you hold my sock while I take a picture?". Then you take a picture. The sock must be on the needles at the time. Handing over finished socks to aspiring Heads of State (or indeed actual ones) would obviously make no sense.

Barack Obama held the sock.

Persuading any current head of state or government, or candidate for such a position (whether by election or heredity) to hold your sock-in-progress for a picture will attract donations to Medicins Sans Frontières..


Anonymous said...
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msHedgehog said...

It's not news to me or to anyone else that there are crazy and scary people in America but that does not make it permissible to talk about "Americans" as though they were one thing; certainly not at my place, and least of all anonymously. Comment deleted.