Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Oh, look - it's David and Kim

While I was looking for something on YouTube to illustrate a different post, I noticed that David Benitez and Kim Schwartz - popular teachers in London, be warned that their website, TangoMovement, makes a noise - appear to have changed their video policy.

They used to ask people not to record their performances. Maybe they still do (I haven't attended one recently), but it seems they have now got themselves a friendly videographer they are happy with, and a YouTube channel under David's name.

I applaud them for putting themselves out there and taking the risk of people like me saying whatever they think about it, like Stefano and Alexandra did with this promotion.

Not that I don't say what I think in real life, but the risk of some nobody criticising at a milonga, and the risk of being permanently blogged about, even by that very same nobody, are two quite different things. It's nice for their fans and friends that they've done this.

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