Monday, 15 September 2008

A good class and a happy hedgehog

I've just been to a class that made me feel inspired and motivated all over again, so that I was thinking about what I'd learned, making notes afterwards (just like I did as a total beginner) and doing little dancey movements on the train home.

I felt happy at the end, and I know that hearing the same music again will bring the feeling back and make me want to dance. I imagine myself dancing, and there is no cloud in the picture.

It gave me a challenge, and a personal boost, and I'm already looking forward to the next one (next week). I'll tell you what the class was about and what I got out of it specifically, another time. But just for now I'll say that Leandro and Romina's unforced, infectious, confident cheerfulness is a big, big help to a saturnine creature like me. And their approach suits my cognitive style, so I don't waste too much effort processing instructions.

I feel noticeably better about the dancing thing as a whole than I did yesterday, and I think probably better than I have - except now and then - this year. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

How would you describe Leandro and Romina's philosophy to tango? What is it about their teaching that is different from everyone else? What is their cognitive approach?

msHedgehog said...

That's all too much for after 10pm at night, and the background requires some explanation as well (a post I never got around to), but I'll be coming back to all that later - maybe a series.