Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Biagi Pandas

I said Biagi seemed never to have recorded a bad or boring track.

I take it back. The ones with Carlos Acuña sound like Biagi trying to sound like Troilo, and the result is the auditory equivalent of one of those videos of 20 baby pandas falling over in different ways. I'm glad he didn't continue in that artistic direction.


stompyzilla said...

There are some unappealing Carlos Acuña / Biagi tracks, but ... overall I like this spicy voice and orchestra for its different vibe. These tracks remind me of why I sometimes call Biagi the Salvador Dali of tango. Acuña is the gaucho wandering singing through that painting. His voice to me often sounds percussive like Biagi's arrangements, the tough sound enlivens songs about subjects like the puñal, the barrio reo, and the violence of la luz del candil. His smokiness reminds me of life outdoors. The combination of Biagi's crazy trills and percussive syncopation goes well with this on many tracks. For example, has much to offer dancers. Not as sumptuous as some of his other tracks with, for example, Hugo Duval, for which I am so grateful, but then again the plush life can get boring.

Tiziano said...

Biagi sounds like Biagi also with Acuna. Which song do you mean expecially?

msHedgehog said...

I quite like some of them! As long as they're at a safe distance from the Troilo.

I start out really liking "Sosiego en la noche", great tune, but it then it just gets annoying as it wanders off trying to fit too much in, and ends up episodic and in baby-pandasville.

"Uno" is a lot more successful IMO.

The smoky voice is pretty nice.