Saturday, 23 December 2017

Some things I have learned from leading socially

A few things I have learned about dancing, by regularly dancing both roles socially for two or three years. My experiences may or may not be in common with anyone else.

  • There is a tremendous range between OK, good, and great followers, of which they are almost all totally unaware.
  • Leading poor followers is very difficult; it requires a range of skills, resilience, and physical training.
  • Leading OK followers is fun, especially if they are interested or enthusiastic and easy to be with.
  • Leading good followers is more fun, especially if, etc.
  • Leading great followers is amazing, and you don't feel like you have to do anything, and whatever you do do is totally effortless.
  • There are a lot more than those categories.
  • Don't bother raiding the cool guys' “harems”, they're disappointing, dance-wise.
  • In a good ronda, under good physical conditions, with good followers, leading is cognitively much less demanding than following. The difference is dramatic. Getting the basics to a good standard is quite a lot of work, but if you can do that and then stay within what you've mastered, good and great followers will dance with you, and it is effortless.
  • It is possible to flirt with the table of glamorous Dutch lesbians through the medium of another woman's body.
  • There exist men who are both hot and good followers. Hang on a minute –

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