Saturday, 12 March 2011

Small pleasures

I quite enjoyed doing my census, it's like writing a little "about me" to future generations - I lived in such-a-place, it had this many rooms, I rented it, I worked at such-a-work across town, I went there on public transport, I spoke English, I lived alone with no religion ...

I step out of myself and think about what information we think is interesting now, what will be interesting to them, what we say, how little we can communicate across time, but how much these mundane things mean in the shape of a life.

It's like watching an archaeology programme from the point of view of the dead dude.

I am told that in the 1901 census there are cases where the cat was named and filled in as a member of the household with an occupation of mouse-catcher.


Anonymous said...

But.. But you're not meant to fill it in until the 27th March!! ....Don't worry - I won't tell anyone.

msHedgehog said...

No, you can fill it in as soon as you get it, as long as the information is correct at 27th March. You probably know if you're going to get any more qualifications, learn any new languages or have a house guest by then.

Plain Jane said...

Meanwhile, on the far side of the world, this year's census has been canned because of the Christchurch earthquake.
Seven days later, we were enjoying a lunchtime milonga when our DJ Neville called a halt to the dancing for two minutes silence. And last weekend, Nina donated most of the proceeds from her Saturday night milonga to the Red Cross effort down south.
Small things, but at least they help the helpless to feel better.