Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Internet radio, it's here: PapaLocaRadioTango

It doesn't broadcast all the time. They announce when it's on in the Facebook Group, where you will also find online chat about the music (in Italian).

Right now they have a guest DJ, Giovanni Carta, and I've just been listening to a tanda of beautiful Biagi valses. And now it's Tanturi / Alberto Castillo. Giovanni is posting quotes from the lyrics on Facebook:

La vida es corta y hay que vivirla,
en el mañana no hay que confiar ...
Y en el pecho tembloroso de la reina suburbana,
un jazmín agonizaba cuando ella dijo: “Sí...”

LOVE it.

Wanna dance but there's nobody here!

Cabeceoing people on Facebook chat in three languages is hilarious but frustrating.


Mark said...

Cool :-)

maya said...

Love the name... the Crazy Potato , hilarious ;-))

Will check it out, thanks.

Chris said...

Excellent. Well done Theo.

msHedgehog said...

@Maya thanks for that, I knew 'loca' but didn't get round to working out what 'papa' meant! hehehehe