Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Names to conjure with

Here are some pictures that I wanted to post soon after I took them, but never got round to. I wonder if anyone can guess where they're from? Shouldn't be a problem for my friend V ...

Bellona, a Roman personification of war, with a feathered helmet and magnificent blue eyes. In painted wood, some European hardwood, I would guess oak.

Bellona, a Roman personification of war

A superb sculpture of Hercules, the skin of the Nemean Lion clearly visible over his shoulder.


Another Hercules, opposite. The fact that they made two of these - almost, but not quite, mirroring each other - may give you a clue about what they were for.

A second Hercules

This man, in bronze, is one of the most famous in the history of Europe, and might be recognisable from portraits. He is rather often portrayed in fiction - in French, Spanish, English, and probably other languages.

Name to conjour with

Answers to who he is and where I was in the comments, please.

Update: Maya named the bust, and Tangocommuter got the location. Answers, and a bit more, in white ink below, which may not work in the RSS feed, so close your eyes now! (Select with your mouse to read it, obviously.)
The bust is Armand-Jean du Plessis, cardinal, duc de Richelieu, arguably one of the most important people in the history of Europe, and also the 'veritable fondateur' (true founder), according to his caption, of the French Navy. The location is the Musée Maritime in Toulon, where I was last May for Les Cigales. Bellone is a figurehead, this one actually a complete standing figure. The two Hercules figures would have gone on either side of the stern of a ship. The wooden figures were made there in Toulon, at the atelier de sculpture,  Bellone by the master Hubac, 1775-1830.


maya said...

Victoria and Albert museum, baroque art exhibition and Cardinal Richelieu.
I am not quite sure about the museum.

Anonymous said...

cardinal richelou?

msHedgehog said...

You both got Le Cardinal, Maya gets the points for spelling it correctly.

And Maya has the period more or less right, but not the museum.

If you can guess the original context and purpose of the wooden sculptures you'll be half way there.

ghost said...

Here ? ;o)

Tangocommuter said...

Toulon, Musée de la Marine?

maya said...

They are ships figureheads. Tangocommuter got me back to my original though about Hercules and Bellona.I got sidetracked with Cardinal Richelieu.

msHedgehog said...

Tangocommuter's got it. Well worked out, after this interval of time. I was there for Les Cigales. Will update in the post ...