Sunday, 6 February 2011

Andreas and Lynn are on the radio tomorrow

My friends Andreas Wichter and Lynn Collins are on Radio Devon's Interactive Lunch programme tomorrow (Monday) at about 2pmish. For some reason I find this idea amusing, so I'm telling you about it.

I don't know what they'll be talking about, it goes out live, but probably the Abrazos Festival, I expect. Which I'm really looking forward to - they have some brilliant DJs lined up, and with a bit of luck all those lovely snuggly euromilongueros will turn up as well, or some of them, so I'm planning to dance till I can't feel my feet.

Anyway, if you're a fan of theirs and you fancy startling BBC Radio Devon, you can listen here and contact the programme here. You probably won't be able to stream the programme if you're outside the UK - I won't be able to stream it at work, because our proxy server is somewhere in mainland Europe, so sadly I don't think I'll be able to send in any banter.

Update: you can hear it here, probably for [at least] the next seven days. As it's local radio, you actually might be able to get it abroad, have a try. It's nice, it's from about 00:51. (I like Lynn's voice on the radio, I don't know if you'd still be able to hear her continuous background laugh if you didn't know her, but I can hear it clearly. Also - Lego stones. Haha. Actually it turns out to be all about tango as such, and not about the festival at all.)

Update2: I spoke to someone at work who knows a lot, for technical reasons, about how iPlayer actually operates. Because there's no sport in the programme to complicate the rights, region restrictions probably won't apply, so you can hear it anywhere. It might also hang around for years rather than days, although I think the chances are it will eventually be deleted to save storage space.


Andreas said...

The interview was fun. We had a great interviewer in Justin Leigh, who was genuinely interested and did a brilliant job. Here is the link to the broadcast:

The interview starts at 0:51

msHedgehog said...

Oooo you said the Slovenians are coming. ;)

Andreas said...

They kinda promised. They better show up...

Game Cat said...

A very nice interview. Enjoyed listening to it. Nice one, Andreas and Lynn. And thanks, Ms H for posting it.

Oh, good choice of songs too.

I still prefer Troilo's version of Farol to Pugliese though. ;-)