Monday, 10 January 2011


Heathrow Airport: We Don't Give a Flying ****.

Heathrow Airport Baggage Reclaim - We Don't Give a Flying About You or Your Stuff or Even Our Stuff Any More, We Mean Seriously, What's the Point?
The Baggage Reclaim hall in Heathrow. Apart from the dead trolleys lying around, there are also vast piles of unclaimed baggage with sad little cryptic semi-legible handwritten notes on top. And feeble, shouty little notices saying Please Note the Airport has No Responsibility for Anything, and (somewhere else) giving the names of the (wrong) baggage handling companies for the airline. And police with giant guns. And foetid, unbreathable air. And nothing else.


Game Cat said...

Truly, what you describe must be the third Circle of Hell!

Tangocommuter said...

My last encounter with the place was a year ago, and it made me wonder if I really wanted to live in a country that begins like that.

Hope you, and your luggage, arrived in the correct number of pieces!

msHedgehog said...

Happily yes - I was delayed on the way out by three days (I went home and rebooked) but my suitcase and I got where we were supposed to with no damage. It's amazing how infuriating Heathrow is as a baseline, without anything actually bad having to happen at all.